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The purpose of the StarBook Club is to shine more positive light over America about Turks and Turkey through donating books to libraries around the country. We are hoping that you will partake on this journey through donating as many books as you can by signing up for membership levels shown below. (Please note that you may click on the “List of Public Libraries” button on the Menu bar above and see all libraries listed by State in the United States of America.)

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Brief descriptions of these books are given in the next page and you may select from any of the three books on this page to donate to yourself and/or to libraries of your choice  as explained further Here. Or, now go to order “Order“.

ATAA StarBook Club provides membership levels whose names are chosen from Star Constellations in the order of smallest to the largest as follows: HERCULES, CETUS, URSA MAJOR, VIRGO, and HYDRA starting with a packet of 2 books at $30 for Level 1 Hercules, and increasing with multiples of the packet for each level, thus arriving at the 5th level Hydra with 5 packets containing 10 books at $150. Of the level you sign up for, you may keep one book for yourself and donate the balance to a library (ies) that you can choose by clicking on your or any region on the US map which you will be directed to once you click on “Order” button and pay/donate. We will order the books and do the shipping of one book to you and the balance to the libraries for the level that you choose. If you wish to donate some books to a library or a school in your area that is not listed, please click Here and let us know the name, address and the telephone number of the library(ies) and we will ship those books to either directly to the library(ies) or , if you wish, to your address for you to personally donate the books to your neighborhood library(ies). You will note that membership payments are made through either credit or debit card. You can also have the payment deducted from your checking account through PayPal. If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to ATAA and indicate in the Memo section of your check, membership level and the number of books you are entitled to for that level. For example for Hydra level, you would indicate Hydra/10 and write the check for $150 and mail it to: ATAA, PO Box 65782, Washington, DC 20035.

We are, of course, encouraging you to sign up for the larger sizes of the constellations, possibly at HYDRA level for $150. All ATAA StarBook Club [SBC] members starting with HERCULES will receive a Certificate of Appreciation as well as recognition through ATAA Publications such as ATAA e-newsletter and the Annual Turkish American National Leadership Conference (NLC) booklet. At HYDRA level, the member is also awarded with a one year free membership to the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. (Please see Summary of RECOGNITION/Benefits at Order Now Page.)

In addition, there are two HONORARY/HONORABLE membership levels, namely LIFETIME at ≥ $500 and FOUNDING at ≥1,000, respectively, which are available until 25 February 2016, the beginning day of the 2016 National Leadership Conference. As successive membership levels are additive, LIFETIME members will have in addition, life-time ATAA membership as the name implies, and FOUNDING members will be additionally entitled to Full Free Conference Registration including honorable mention as a guest with an accompanying guest at the NLC Gala followed by free registration at subsequent National Leadership Conferences.

Dear prospective member, with the explanation given above, please click HERE to go to the membership level and payment pages. And then feel free to come back and read more about the “starter” book and the reasons for it:

It is an understatement to say that there is so little literature about Turkey and Turks in the libraries around the country of the United States, let alone the world. And whatever there is, they are not all friendly towards Turkey. We want to be able to change this by going to one of the core areas where Turks and Turkey have been portrayed in a dark light for so many decades. On top, comes the Armenian besmirching of Turks & Turkey. To see this, we need no further than reach for the book the Turk in AmericaThe Creation and Enduring Prejudice by Dr. Prof. Justin McCarthy published in 2010, and his most recent book Turks and Armenians published in 2015. If you ask for either book in most of the libraries, they will tell you that they don’t have it. The question is why? Borrowing from McCarthy, there is perhaps that “enduring prejudice” in the psyche of American people created by not only propaganda but also the not so abundant availability of literature favorable to Turks going as far back as the Ottomans. Hence the “starter” book for the Starbook Club is TURKS AND ARMENIANS shown below: (Any suggestions for future selections are welcomed)

Turks and Armenians by Professor Justin McCarthy


Professor Justin McCarthy provides a framework for understanding Ottoman-Armenian relations. McCarthy challenges existing assumptions and contributes to the most central problem of late Ottoman historiography with a new interpretation explaining the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and its Armenian minority. This study is highly recommended for a broad audience as well as for those seeking a new analysis of the circumstances leading to the tragic events of 1915.

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