A review of “DASHNAGTZOUTIUN HAS NOTHING TO DO . . .”:  by Dr. Robert McKay

Unfortunately only scholars will read “DASHNAGTZOUTIUN HAS NOTHING TO DO ANYMORE”:  A report submitted to the 1923 Party Convention.  However this one book should be read by every politician and world leader because it reveals how the constant repetition of a lie can develop into a generally accepted truth which is so powerful that the lie can destroy or defame millions of innocent people…on unfounded Prejudice.

During the 1980’s Armenians began to state that Turks of the Ottoman Empire had, as a matter of Ottoman State Policy begun a systematic extermination of Armenians, while not a single government document has ever been found as a basis of these claims…they persist even today.

Thousands of articles and books have denounced this Armenian theme…However, NONE of these denunciations is more powerful than this book because it is a rare find which uncovers the exact words of the Armenian terrorist leader; affiliated with Russia, whose goal was to overthrow the Ottoman Empire.  It outlines Armenian and Russian short term and long term goals:  The political explosiveness of this book is the speaker himself:  Hovhannes Katchaznouni who was the leader of the Armenian insurrection and also the first Prime Minister of the Armenian Republic.  (A country under the complete control of Russia* until only recently).

His actions caused the death of innocent Turks.

In brief when addressing the Armenian 1923 Party Convention, Katchaznouni  states unequivocally “We (Armenians) created the Tragedy” and that the Turkish defensive actions of relocating us (a portion of the Armenian population) into non-volatile areas of the empire e.g. Syria, “was right and necessary.  This book completely absolves the Ottoman Turks of genocide.

“Dashnagtzoutiun Has Nothing To Do Anymore” is a Must Read Book and a suggested book for all libraries.

     *False claims of genocide, commemorative monuments and legislative proclamations of a genocide that never happened are in context merely a cover-up story or political trap which has hidden Armenian/Russian long terms goals of land acquisition in Turkey.  During the 1980’s Armenian Terrorism in the U.S. A. was a top FBI target:

  1. a) 25% of all terrorist activity in U.S.A. was by Armenian groups, and
  2. b) at this same time Russia was in complete political control of Armenia.

Dr. Robert B. McKay

      Robert B. McKay, PhD received his degrees at the University of Connecticut 1958, 1965, and 1972.  He has studied in the area of history and political science.  From 1959 to 1964 he was on the faculty of Tarsus American College, Tarsus, Turkey.  He later was Associate Professor, University of Connecticut in Extension Service and Assistant to President, Middlesex Community College.   His avocation is Turkish history around the period of WWI.  He has spoken on the subjects at the U.N., New York University, Radio and TV, as well as participating on many guest panels.

Review of “the BIG LIE” by Author Dr. Pat Walsh

When one reads more and more articles about what is termed “the Arme­nian Genocide” it becomes increasingly clear that their authors usually par­rot “facts” uncritically accepted. We find the same “facts” again and again asserted as if the author has actually taken > the time to weigh up the evi­dence themselves and have decided on their validity after careful consider­ation. It is like a rerun of the Wellington House output produced by the war­time British Propaganda Department. But these assertions are actually more in the nature of dogma than historical factuality – a belief system similar to an unquestioning faith or religion. Such dogmatism should have no place in historical narrative.

Sukru Server Aya is no accepter of dogma. He asks the uncomfortable ques­tions about things, demanding that if something is presented as fact, it ac­tually deserves the status it has been awarded. That is the rigorous process that should occupy the historian but which is all too much like hard work for many lazy academics or journalists mindful of their career prospects today. Unlike such people Sukru has dedicated a good portion of his life to research­ing, questioning and making available information through his own limited resources that he presents for general use rather than as articles of blind faith to be accepted with dutiful obedience.

Too many people who have engaged in this issue have relied on the dogmas produced by others with old political agendas, designed as propaganda. They have never done any research or questioning themselves. That is not a safe basis for any search for working toward the truth about these tragic events. I recommend Sukru Server Aya’s work as an antidote to dogmatic belief and as aid toward the pursuance of truth, which an ongoing process not a passive acceptance of is handed down sacred scripture.

Dr. Pat Walsh

Author of: ‘Britain’s Great War on Turkey’ and
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